Fleur Nabert started to sculpt clay at the age of 15. After the revelation of this material which became her prefered one in the golden light of a Southern France studio, she discovered the power of bronze at the Antoine Bourdelle Museum in Paris. In 1996, now aged 16, she cast a first bust of Beethoven after Bourdelle at the Landowski Foundry in Paris. Since that day, her works have multiplied: first inspired by litterature and mythology, she then became dedicated to expressing her spiritual quest.
The attraction for monumental bronzes and the sacred gives rise today to many projects for the development of old churches as in Blérancourt, Picardy (16th century) with the creation of stained glass or very contemporary as in Saint Adrien, La Défense, Paris.Each site has its own particularities: thus in Schiltigheim, Alsace, a monumental Christ takes precedence over the power of the organ while marrying its colors. In Saint Adrien, it is a Risen Christ dressed in gold leaves that sparkles on the whiteness of a wall of Glory where the tabernacle is located. In Lisieux, a total development took place to create in the Chapel Our Lady of the Smile,an intimate space to meet the “little way” of Therese Martin, made of humility and love with, among others, an altar engraved with the words “Merciful Love,” a golden silhouette of the Virgin containing the tabernacle, and a sculpture of the Holy Arms outstretched.

"La loi entière de l’existence humaine se résume à ce que l’homme puisse toujours révérer l’infiniment grand.

Si l’on enlève aux hommes ce qui est infiniment grand, ils cesseront de vivre et mourront désespérés. L’homme a besoin de l’illimité et de l’infini tout aussi bien que de la petite planète où il habite."

"The entire law of human existence is summed up that man can always revere the infinitely great. If we take away from men what is infinitely great, they will cease to live and die in despair. Man has need the unlimited and the infinite as well as the small planet where he lives. "


Projets de réaménagements pour les églises d’Etaples, Woustwiller, Landernau, Nize…

Projet d’un autel et d’un ambon en verre pour la collégiale de Eu

Exposition de 50 œuvres à la galerie du vitrail à Chartres


Projet de trois grandes baies thermoformées pour l’église de Morhange

Création d’un reliquaire de Saint Joseph, Lingolsheim

Création d’un vitrail de 50 m2 pour La Chapelle des Oblats de Marie Immaculée à Strasbourg










Apse of Saint Géry exhibition, Valenciennes


Personal exhibition Metz cathedral


Creation of the sculpture "the pilgrim of the wind" Saint Boniface, Burnhaupt, Alsace, France

Brussels cathedral personal exhibition

Inauguration of the “Passeur”, monumental sculpture, mutual Saint Christophe, Paris

Noyon cathedral exhibition


Chartres Cathedral Exhibition

Creation of stained-glass windows (small glass roofs) Blérancourt


Personal exhibition, La Défense



Personal exhibition, La Défense

Personal exhibition, Hermitage gantois, Lille


Lérins Abbey Exhibition, Cannes

Creation of a triptych and a tabernacle for the Lycée Henri IV, Paris


Personal exhibition, Galerie Bansard, Paris