fleur nabert sculpteur église saint michel elisabeth de la trinité statue canonisation dijon

of the Trinity

Dijon, France

On October 16, 2016, Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906) was canonized in the Vatican by Pope Francis.To celebrate the new saint, the Carmelites of Flavignerot entrusted Fleur Nabert, sculptor, with the task of representing Elizabeth not only in its physical but also spiritual resemblance.

La Trinité rayonnante

The artist has endeavored to show how much Elizabeth was inhabited by the Trinity: it is represented radiant on her heart. The circle of divine totality is crossed by the dove of the Holy Spirit, and the cross of Christ rises there, victorious over death. This Trinity inhabits her and enlightens her: the edge of her veil, her scapular and her face are bathed in its light.


But Elizabeth also had an extraordinary spirit and enthusiasm. Towards God and towards others. She thus appears happily stretched out towards the horizon of the sky, showing us the direction. In her scapular blows the wind of the Holy Spirit and the first words of her prayer are written there in golden letter: "O my Trinity God whom I adore ..."


The statue was created in two copies: one is in the Saint-Michel church in Dijon, the other in the Carmel de Flavignerot garden. 

fleur nabert élisabeth trinité statue canonisation carmel flavignerot extérieur
fleur nabert Élisabeth de la Trinité statue canonisation carmel de flavignerot